DERENIA CAPITAL is an independent Investment Bank that provides tailored financial advisory services to Companies, Private Equity Funds, and Financial Institutions. The service includes transaction origination, financial engineering advice, fundraising, and transaction execution.

We stand out by creating opportunities that do not yet exist in the market. We conduct strategic thinking to identify the rationale for bringing together economic actors in order to create value for the buyer, the seller, and the economies in the countries where the companies operate.

Our History and Our Ambition

DERENIA CAPITAL was created in 2018, with the aim of establishing a new independent African financial advisory player by bringing together talented individuals with strong and complementary experiences and an extensive geographical presence. Our ambition is to continue to expand by incorporating new skills in new countries because we strongly believe in the expertise and understanding of the local economic and cultural fabric.

Origine de DERENIA

Origin of the word «DERENIA»

"DERENIA" is inspired by the Amazigh expression "Adrar-n-Deren," which means "The Mountain of Mountains" and is commonly used to refer to the "High Atlas" mountain range. Therefore, our purpose and commitment is to assist our clients in achieving their highest potential.