Consulting in Real estate

Whatever your need, rethinking your real estate strategy is always an opportunity to create new opportunities. Indeed, there are many points of vigilance and it is increasingly necessary for the Company to master all the issues related to real estate.

Derenia Real Estate works to understand the challenges of its clients to deliver decision-making tools and offer a complete vision of possible real estate strategies. We analyze opportunities, risks, time to return on investment.

Derenia Real Estate

  • Asset management
  • Investment management
  • Levée de dette & de fonds
  • Transaction service

Asset management

Global real estate audit and feasibility study Strategic recommendation Deployment of tailored solutions Continuous optimization of asset value

Investment management

Derenia Real Estate guarantees its clients privileged, confidential and transparent access to investment opportunities in line with their strategy, their needs and their constraints. We therefore rely on the expertise of Derenia Capital's investment bank and our entire network of experts in order to structure and execute these investment strategies as well as possible.

Levée de dette & de fonds

We will use our in-depth knowledge of these markets as well as our relationships with major lenders to offer the most competitive financing in terms of structure, rates and terms. We offer a tailor-made approach throughout the process, from assessing the feasibility of the operation to setting up different types of financing.

What makes DERENIA CAPITAL different

Derenia Real Estate offers a dedicated service to a wide range of investors in their acquisition (Buy Side), arbitrage (Sell Side), and outsourcing (Sale & Lease Back) strategies.
We support our clients throughout the transaction process (analysis, market study, visit, valuation) until the signing of the sales deed.
Maintaining confidentiality is at the heart of all our actions.
What makes DERENIA CAPITAL different