Consulting in Fundraising

We assist our clients in structuring equity, quasi-equity and debt financing.

We provide access to the highest quality funders and investors capable of supporting the execution of the buyout or expansion strategy. We conduct the entire fundraising process, including the preparation of marketing materials, road shows, due diligences and negotiation of legal documentation until transaction closing, while maximizing our clients' interests.


  • Choosing the best financing options
  • Search for investors and funders
  • Fundraising marketing
  • Negotiations

Choice of financing

Structuring and recommending the most optimal sources of financing on the local and international market, whether in debt, equity or quasi-equity. Access to the most renowned financial backers and investors, capable of accompanying our clients in the realization of their development or transmission projects.


Preparation of all commercial documentation to present the best assets of our clients to the funders (equity story, teasers, information memorandum, process letter...). Consulting and establishing relationships with funders and responding to their questions and due diligence. Control of our clients' risk factors and proposal of mitigation plans in order to reassure funders.


Negotiation of the financial and contractual terms of the fundraising taking into account our clients' objectives. Coordination of the work done by the legal advisors for the drafting/review of the fundraising contracts.

What makes DERENIA CAPITAL different

A perfect command of the ins and outs of each financing method, even the most innovative ones, on the regulated or over-the-counter markets
Close and trusting relationships with local and international donors and financial investors
A great sensitivity to the purely business and corporate culture aspects which allows us to immerse ourselves in the activities and strategies of our clients in order to present them in the best conditions to funders and investors
What makes DERENIA CAPITAL different